Veterans' Benefits

As an honorably discharged veteran, you should take the time to ensure that you are aware of each and every benefit that you’ve earned through your service to our country. Some veterans wrongly assume that when it comes to death benefits, only retired veterans with over twenty years of service are eligible for these benefits. Others assume that, as a veteran, the Veterans Administration will provide the complete funeral services and merchandise at no cost. So what are your specific benefits, and how do you make sure that you take advantage of them?

Benefits That ALL Honorably-Discharged Veterans Receive

In addition to these benefits, under certain circumstances, the V.A. may reimburse the family for certain funeral expenses. Your funeral director can apply for these benefits for you. Active-duty military deaths result in the V.A. providing more services, and even a casket.

In all instances, you will still need the assistance of a licensed funeral home like ours to carry out all of the details. We are very experienced dealing with the V.A. and helping families with their benefits.

What You Should Do In Advance

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