Terrie Ann Richardson Baldwin



Sumter, SC.........Terrie Ann (Richardson) Baldwin was born on October 19, 1948 in the Bronx, New York to parents Thelma Delores and Albert Richardson. She was the eldest of their four children, her siblings, Albert Jr., Clarence Eugene (Geen) and Tracey Richardson. Terrie’s parents were enamored with her as a child and how adorable she was. They nicknamed her “Guzzy” and Terrie’s mother called her that until her passing in 2012. Terrie was very intelligent and grew to be strikingly beautiful. In 1967, she began dating one of her childhood friends. They were married in 1968 and had a daughter, Daun, in 1969. That marriage lasted for two years and in 1971 she met the love of her life, her “Bud,” Gene Baldwin. Gene had a son, Gene, Jr. and a daughter, Valecia, from a previous marriage and they blended the children and raised them together as if all were natural siblings, loving them as if she birthed Valecia and Gene herself.
Through the years, Gene and Terrie took on many, many adventures in their relationship from running a taxi cab company in Brooklyn, NY; an auto mechanic and auto body repair shop in Brooklyn, NY in the 1970’s; owning properties throughout the boroughs of New York, to owning and running a bathtub repair and refinish business in Queens, NY since the 1990’s, until their recent retirement in Sumter, SC. There are many very interesting (often some untold) stories from living in and being a product of New York City in that era that will be points of reflection for Gene and the family – some good, some bad, some ugly – but all part of living and experiencing life. Memories the family will cherish.
In 1980, they had a beautiful daughter, Kelley, and decided to “make it official,” so in 1981, they married at the courthouse in Sumter, SC on September 4, 1981.
In 1985, Terrie and Gene had another daughter, Jamie. Sadly, little Jamie was only with us for 26 days before getting her angel’s wings too early. The loss of their daughter Jamie caused a void too deep for anything natural to heal Terrie. It was at that point that she sought refuge and gave her life back to the Lord. THAT was exactly what Terrie needed to lift her soul. She became a fervent witness for the Lord and joined a church in Flushing, NY, Pillars of Faith Tabernacle. It was there that she received a solid foundation and built her faith from there; never ceasing to pray for her husband to come to the Lord and for all her children to do the same. It worked and everyone was baptized and born again. Terrie was finally content now knowing that her family was saved and would go on to Heaven when called.
Terrie dove 100% into being a member of Pillars of Faith Tabernacles and became a Sunday school teacher, evangelist – winning souls as she and her team went out every Saturday for hours, and joined every other committee they had. One of her greatest joys was being in the choir. She loved that her daughter Daun and her mother were also in the choir with her, with many members commenting that they admired the three generations singing together.
In 1984, her granddaughter, Brandi Michelle, was born to Valecia. Terrie fell in love again and doted upon Brandi, the little “China doll.” Brandi was the only grandchild for many years and Terrie and Brandi had a special bond.
1999, Steven James was born to Kelley. Unfortunately, little Steven was called to be with the Lord. It was devastating for Kelley and the rest of the family and Terrie, fully understanding the agony of losing a child, helped her daughter get through.
In 2002, Terrie’s next grandchild, Juliyen Von, was born to Valecia. Terrie fell in love all over again. She and Juliyen developed a special bond. Six short months after, in 2003, the baby girl, Jayde Taylor was born to Kelley. (She was tickled at the thought that two of her daughters were pregnant simultaneously.) Once again, Terrie fell in love and her and Jayde developed a special bond.
In 2006, Onyx was born to Kelley and Terrie fell in love again and created a special bond with Onyx. In 2008 and 2013 respectively, her great grandchildren, Zuri and Kingston were born to Brandi. With no shortage of love, her heart opened wider and she created special bonds with them both.
In March of 2017, Daun’s son, baby Royal joined the growing family. Once again, Terrie fell in love and created a special unspoken bond in the short 6 months that Royal knew his grandmother.
Terrie had such a big heart that she had a unique and special bond with each and every one of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Although they ALL fought over which one was her “favorite,” it is known by each one that they are ALL her favorite. Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren miss her dearly and will always hold on to those special moments they shared with her.
As for her lifelong love, Gene, words cannot properly describe the bond they had. For 46 years, they shared joys, sorrows, laughter, anger, fun, disappointment, have overcome challenges together and were practically glued to each other’s hip…where you saw one, the other wasn’t far away. The family thanks Gene for being her rock for the last few years since her health started to decline. Particularly since January of 2017, when Terrie was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Many of Terrie’s favorite hobbies included fishing with her Bud, going to flea markets and yard sales, singing in the choir, helping Gene fix cars (or fix anything really), gardening, Zumba, dieting (if that’s considered a hobby?? ) and especially doting on her family and those friends that she called family. Terrie was also quite talented, creative and artistic. She could sew well, bake well, and had a knack for working smarter – not harder. She was often able to figure out a way to get something done quicker or easier and would give quick tips that were quite helpful and will always be remembered.
Terrie’s life is celebrated and she is mourned by her family: her husband and soul-mate, Gene Baldwin; daughters Valecia Baldwin, Daun Davis, and Kelley Torres; Sons-in-Law Timothy Johnson, Paul Davis and Manny Torres; grandchildren Brandi Baldwin-Rana (and husband Shahid Rana), Juliyen Von Johnson, Jayde Torres, Onyx Torres, and Royal Davis; great grandchildren Zuri Rana and Kingston Rana; her brother Geen Richardson, her sister Tracey Richardson, and their families; and a host of sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law and their families, her friends and her choir family.
The Family knows and finds comfort in the fact that she has gone on to Heaven and is reunited with her mother, Thelma; her brother, Albert; her daughter Jamie and her grandson Steven, and several other loved ones that went on to glory before her.
Thank you, Terrie, for being such a wonderful, self-less sacrificial woman, mother and wife and allowing us the opportunity to love you. You made a lasting impression on everyone you met and particularly on those who had the real pleasure of knowing you. Terrie your body is gone, but your spirit lives on in us. We love you!

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